Blackbird & Crow

"Blackbird & Crow are a two-piece act from Donegal, Ireland and would be best described as a foot stomping, dynamic, blues outfit. The duo has an honesty and raw edge to their music with an emphasis always being placed on authenticity in all aspects of their creativity. Blackbird & Crow are the perfect pairing with Stephen’s heart led guitar playing and Maighread's primitive, wild performances.Maighread and Stephen grew up only minutes from each other in rural Donegal, but only began working together musically in more recent years.
The band cite influences as varied as Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, Rory Gallagher, Kenny Rodgers, Muddy Waters and Paul Brady.
Blackbird and Crow“She's a star! Maighread got up on the stage and blew us all away!! We look forward to having her back!”.
"We were fortunate enough to have Maighread perform at our Winery in Oregon. She joined our traditional, local bluesman Ben Rice and our guests were all curious as to see what this wee girl from Ireland could know about the blues…. Let me just say, she knows it, she shares it, and she PREACHES it when she is on-stage!Somehow Maighread straddled the shadows of Etta James and Janis Joplin and kept the show rolling, and the audience howling for more. Maighread is a wonderful, fiery contradiction: lovely, a young spirit, but an old-soul. She is the only performer we’ve had who got TWO encore requests and one marriage proposal. I pray that she makes it back to Oregon so that we can have her perform at our big outdoor venue." - David Fish/Proprietor Foxfarm
Blackbird & Crow will be appearing on Creans Stage on Sunday 31st July