Blackbird & Crow

Donegal duo Blackbird & Crow are probably best described musically as Janis Joplin meets Ry Cooder with a slight sprinkling of Fleetwood Mac in their early years.

Blackbird and Crow

Just over a year since the bands formation, their powerful and passionate performances have already earned them an audience on some of Irelands more illustrious stages. The release of their debut album ‘Shock Shatter Convince’ has garnered them a loyal and devoted following with a fanbase that stretches from Donegal to Berlin to New Zealand and to the USA.


When onstage together, the Blackbird and the Crow leave nothing behind in the dressing room. The show is a blatant, honest, in your face expression of musical passion. The songs are a timeline of their own life events, delivered with the same honesty and intensity that it took to write them.


“Stop The Traffic Vocals” – Mark Patterson, BBC Radio Foyle

“She knows it, she shares it and she PREACHES it!” – David Fish, Foxfarm Blues, Oregon USA

Blackbird & Crow will be appearing on Creans Stage on Sunday 31st July